Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bugaboo vs Stokke

So, the husband and I had enough of our previous pram which was spoilt, we decided to upgrade it. Was totally torn between Stokke or Bugaboo for the next choice of ours. Read up a lot of reviews, it seems to be a tie between the Bugaboo Bee and Stokke Scoot. 

Don't they both look awesome?
Another choice I had in mind was Stokke Crusi, but these were my main 2s. 
Headed down to Mothercare to do an exchange as the previous one was still under warranty. Fitted baby #gervaiskai into all the prams, Stokke Crusi, Stokke Scoot and the Bugaboo Bee. 

Crusi looks so comfy, it was spacious, and if we were to have a second kid, there is a second seating available to fix on. Cons is that we have to remove the chassis to collapse the pram, like our previous 2. Which was quite a hassle despite being pretty. And it's very big, probably left with not much space to put our shopping loots in the boot anymore. 

Scoot's seat is quite narrow for the upper thigh part, which means when he grows older, the seat might be too small for him. Great shopping basket, it's spacious. And of course for Stokke's famously high seating, but Scoot is not very high actually. We like that we don't have to remove the seat to collapse the pram. Cons is that there's only 2 levels of reclining. It's either too upright or not low enough for him to nap in the seat. Looks uncomfortable to me. Hubby hates it too. 

Xplory is an eye candy for hubby. Awesome design, but the weight of the stroller is hell. And also the shopping basket, actually there's no basket at all. After the staff collapse the pram, we both shook our heads. It's even bigger than the Crusi, definitely out. 

And then, my eye candy which I've been eyeing on for the longest time. The Bee. There was only Bee Plus there though, but I wanted the Bee3. Tried on anyways. The seat is the biggest among all, baby #gervaiskai seems to be having an awesome time trying on it. Love how easy it is to maneuver around the small asle in Mothercare, and the compact size after collapsing the pram. It's so easy to open and collapse the pram!! I love it! It is able to recline 3 levels which I think is good enough. Only con is that it is not as high as Stokke. Hubby initially hated Bugaboo bee when I showed him, but he loved it after baby sits on it. 

So it's quite obvious which one we got, the Bugaboo Bee3 in all black! I don't fancy colors very much. Hahah. So we settled on it!! 

Too bad Mothercare doesn't have the stock, have to wait til November. So we headed to Motherswork the very next day to get it! 

All very snugly and cosy napping. 💗 

That's my review for you if you are torn between these two brands too! 

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