Saturday, August 30, 2014

Flippy Flip

My little boy finally managed to flip over yesterday! But sadly, no one managed to catch a video of the process. I shall try to catch his second attempt!!

Anyway backdate a little, went for a healthy cycle last weekend with the friends at Punggol, and boy, i seriously dread cycling. Everytime I go cycling, I either fall or got scratched by the pedals on both legs. :'( and true enough, I got scratched by the pedals! Luckily I didn't fall this time. Hehe. 

Brought the boy along for breakfast before dropping him at the in-laws.

Feasting on 3 fingers and feeling all sleepy. ZzzzzZzzzz


And he fell asleep. Hahahah! 

And off to ChompChomp for some seafood before some dry swimming session to sum the day up!! <3 

Enjoy your weekends folks! Hehe! 

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