Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finger sucking babies

Brought baby to see his great grandma. Granny's my love since young, she looked after me when my mum went out to work, cooking for me, bringing me to school, buying me my favorite things <3 
Now she saw me getting married to giving birth, always wanting to see and cuddle my baby boy. 

Love my granny to bits. 
Baby Gervais has this habit of sucking his fingers, usually 2 fingers as in the pic above, sometimes fingers from both hands!! Reading that sucking on fingers might lead to blisters, being kia si, I had no choice but to stuff the pacifier in his mouth :( 
It is good that we use an orthodontic pacifier so that he won't have the pouty mouth when he grows up, or rabbit teeth when he starts teething. So far, when he sleeps with pacifier, I'll pluck it out after he falls asleep. And now he is not sucking on his fingers so much now! Yay!! 

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