Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Time Flash

Time doesn't fly when you have a child, it flashes just like that. Little Gervais is 3 months and 14 days old already! Getting excited that he is going to be able to eat some puree food. And so... The kanchiong me got this! 

Cuisinart baby!! It better be good as i read lots of reviews about it as compared to Baeba babycook. 

Now my little one can scream and shout and has got a lot to say! Seems like he is outgrowing his 'ang gu ang gu' and pouty kisssy lips :( the boy is growing up too fast! 

And also wanting to sit up often. Hahah

Am enjoying my journey of breastfeeding so far, even though it was so tough as first! But I'm getting the hang of it already, I should be right, after 3 months plus. Heh. A little picture of my bf journey to end the post. Nothing exposing okay!! Hahaha. 

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