Monday, July 28, 2014

New Chapter In Life - Welcoming Baby Gervais Gue on 13 May 2014

When you are 21, you have a big hella party with all your family and lovely friends, all the fun never ends, your freedom begins. 
21 has long gone for me, ok not very long. Hahah. Now, its a different chapter for me, getting married and now being a mum.
Having a little baby in me for 10 months, gaining 30kg of weight, those stretch marks, swollen legs, back aches, the pain of labour, all is worth it :) 
A little baby named Gervais was born on the 13 May, to the blessed me and papa G. Changed our lives upside down, left & right. A whole new journey begins. The joy that he brought to this home is neverending and indescribable. Little did i know how this little one could bring so much laughter and fun. 
Despite all the poop, pee, milk organic masks he offered me every other day, the cryings, sleepless days, i still love him like a love song. 
Mummy and daddy will love you forever!! 

The night he was born :) 
A little photoshoot attempt

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