Monday, May 27, 2013

To see Jia Jia & Kai Kai

On an impromptu trip to bring my Grandma and my mum for River Safari with le fiance. I asked Grandma "Ah ma! You want to see panda (River Safari) or fishes (S.E.A)?" Grandma: "Hahaha, anything la, anything" *thinks for awhile Grandma: "See gou xiong (panda) lo" Love my grandma to bits. 
Seriously, River Safari is nothing much with lots of fishes, we only sort of went there to see Jia Jia & Kai Kai. Well, but it's all worth it to let the family be happy!

Meet Jia Jia, she eats NON STOP. I wonder if she's bored or what?
They stay in fully air conditioned closure, Jia Jia in one closure, Kai Kai another. 

I have the cutest Grandma on Earth! Love you!

It's just a cute looking, expensive tao sar bao. Trust me.

I bought this for Grandma. Hehe 

This monkey is so not afraid of human, and tried to reach my toe thinking it's food. I was freaked out. Managed to take a photo before saving my toe. 

Now thinking G's phone is food too.

After River Safari, brought the family with my aunt joining for Gardens By The Bay. No pictures though. Ended the day with some good food and happy moments. 

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