Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another set of photos which you are yearning to see, not so much.

When you are in JB, having nothing to do while waiting for your boy in a garage, an iPhone in your hand, you can't help but to snap photos. This should round up this post. HAHA! Anyone who has yummy food to intro to me in JB please tweet me! It's always that same few foodie. Lok lok, wanton mee, abalone mee, frog leg porridge and kway teow kia. Those who haven't tried their kway teow kia, it's damn awesome, but so sorry, being a street idiot, i have no idea how to go there nor the exact location.

On another flea day with Kei ai ai! Tried the super fast 4 snaps and this is the best we could achieve, yet. *winks
Okay, the first one super phail!

One of the girlfriend i ♥♥♥!
p/s: Hey silly, i love you ~ and only you.

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