Monday, July 25, 2011

Batam Trip w ♥

Went Batam for a short getaway. Never been there before, was a virgin trip. Not much pictures taken as there were nothing much. Or maybe we din't explored enough. Hiakhiak. You see the pictures my hair was long and gold, so it's been long ago. Overdued entry. I kind of miss that hair :( Anyway, stupid boy went for NAPFA run early in the morning, so we were rushing and booked our ferry superb last minute. Like at 9am in the morning. He was dead tired by the time we reached Batam. Massage was the first thing we did after checking in. No pictures were allowed. Sad. And back for lunch, nap and dinner. That's day 1. Second day walked around at the malls and back we are in Singapore. Told ya it's a short getaway right.

Very very nice chili with crackers!

This kitten forever meowing at me and giving me the saddest face ever like the cat from Shrek. How not to give my fish to him/her? I fed him/her like umpteen times. And the meowing and face start all over again after i stopped.

Meanwhile, vote for me for Singtel Grid Girl 2011! I'm in the top 12. Help me get in the top 3 by voting for me!
How to vote:
SMS GG09<space>Your Name<space>NRIC eg. GG09 Rykiel Sim S9876543A to 91136891 now! If you have unlimited sms, spam for me! Because it won't be charged. It is not those 30 cents kind of votes. It's by normal sms. Your votes are appreciated! xoxo! You know you love me!

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