Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Japalang Post

As the title suggests, got too many a photos. i don't know where to start. Leftovers from birthday, new days, self shots. Where to start? Hmmmm.
Been busy with events, girlfriends, boyfriend, family (i miss my cutie ah ma), with all the things in the world. Today is my sort of official day home after so long :)
Said goodbye to my long, kim hair. Say hello to short, black hair. All for good till September! Shall not disclose why is that so for now though, am not allowed to, so stay tune why!
I shall post some crazy peektures whom i took with my cousin, ♥ and friends! Using Photo Booth.

Then, dumb boy's birthday which is like in April. IKR, damn long ago. But, at least i'm posting it like now.

Ya, he love the cake that much.

Told you so.

Shall stop here for awhile! Beerfest from tomorrow to sunday. Who's going to be there? :D
Spot me and Amelia Ong at the Singtel Mio booth as cheerleaders and get your hands on for some foosball session!

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