Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What I Did Last Christmas

First blog post in 2011. Wishing you readers a Happy New Year. I am very happy for those who were there for me in 2010, be it new friends, old friends and of cause my family. Let all things bad remain in 2010 and bring all the happiness forward to 2011! :)
What did you do for last Christmas? Party? With loved ones? I had an awesome time with my close friends. Two different celebrations, a heart warming one. No usual party, no club, okay, maybe alcohol. Whoops!
Worked for an event over at Cafe Del Mar with Mandy and Gillian babe on the eve of Christmas. Sweet girls, we had fun working that 3 hours! Was a Maybank Let It Snow countdown event. Had late dinner courtesy to Justin! On stage games and prize giving was all we did. After countdown, Yuan Li, Teng and babygirl came over to fetch me. Went to Marina Barrage for our midnight picnic. Told you there wasn't partying :) Many texts from people asking if i'm going for any parties. Thanks for all who wished me Merry Christmas and all the blessings, much loves. This is going to be a long post of pictures.

Those who asked me if I'm attached in formspring. I'm attached to her <3


Crazy Cousin

He's trying to make him take photo. Cos he was drunk.

They friggin' imitated me. So annoying.

Yea, no fcukin' worries on Christmas! *Winks

Bored and decided to take jump shots but apparently all failed. So we gave up!

Lovebird :P

Lovebird 2

Lovebird 3, notice the weird love triangle

Oh cousin so cute so cute!

Abdul Rahim

Awesome much?

When things get bored, Ah Chang and Teng do the stunts of a retard.

Packing up time!

On Christmas, me and babygirl went Edison's place for steamboat with the group. Another non partying day! Bad girls gone good!


Uncle and nephew Nigel

Double V

Nigel, he always thinks that his eyes are too small taking photos, hahaha, so cute.

Two naughty bunnies who loves tickling me

Harry Q ah pek

Nick Lao Pa, thanks for all the care and concern!

Yusri and gf

Uncle Jensen, thanks for being there for me :)

Yuan Li came and pick us up after our steamboat and we went Chong Pang for nasi lemak, yes, talking about food. Together with Teng, Gerald, Ah Chang and Chin Sheng

You're draining all my battery's life, boy.

Have no idea what they doing

Gerald's baby truffle

That is all for Christmas post. Am very slow in blogging because i have been busy busy busy with work, friends and all :) Sorry about that!
Blessed year ahead for all!
Baby hubby over at my house now. Had a nice girly chat with her. Hugs!

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