Friday, January 14, 2011

Party Like There's No Tomorrow

Sorry readers, my posts are all living in the year 2010 still. Been busy to upload tons of pictures that are still stucked in my camera and file. I promise! After one more post it will be up to date. I hope.
Anyways, Club Soul with Hubby and the rest on a random night. Scissors cut rice for supper after that :)


Rong Bao Bao Bao Baoooo 

Teng and Gerald B

Hubby and her 'hubby' Hahahahahha! 

Pang Sai Face :P

Sealed with a kiss, we ended the night :) 

Lollipop at Zirca with Vibe Parties and DJ Inquisitive on Wednesday. Ladies feel free to drop me a message on Facebook, email or even twitter. Direct message me or @ me to let me know. Guys, if you want to reserve a table, you can do the same as well.
Last Ladies Night in 2010 was awesome!!

Harry Q


Eric Hor don't keep complain i never blog! :P

Edison la







Not my finger!


Melvin who gave me a bottle of free champagne :)

Yuyang. Rare!

Jojo Lai Durian Girl!

You have to come down and experience this yourself,
With DJ Inquisitive!!!



I officially met her over durian eating session, more coming up soon!

Rong Bao: "My hair got hole." HAHAHHAH :P


Yuan Li

Chang and hubby

Hur hur hur!! Okay, i feel bad already. Whoops!

I love her. She likes to hug and swing me in circles like nobody's business. Talking about adrenaline rush.

Gerald Gerald Gerald

Sorry Nicki! HAHHAHAH! PEACE?!

Yes Sexy?



Alvin, got smashed in the head for stopping his friend from squeezing pimple. HAHAHAHH


Chong Pang Nasi Lemak and home sweet home.

Okay, that's a lot of photos! I din't know i took so many until i felt the pain uploading them one by one. Seriously, time to upgrade your uploading system onsugar. Finally enrolled for school and also continuing my Jap course!

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