Thursday, December 30, 2010

When the PFLs get together and after work activities

Happy belated birthday to Yusri! Went for tea party at Haji Lane thanks to Princessa Sabrina, was a cosy and money-spending tea party! Lol. Thanks Princessa for the present! <3 Met up with my sweet after that and headed town. Had to work for Kronenbourg event at KPO as door host for the night. Saw Aeryn and Yiting babe working there too! PFLs were all inside having fun and booze while i was downstairs pasting stickers on people. HAHAHAH. Ended work and headed over Power House with them. Fun! :D Only pictures on the way to Power House though. And i don't know why.

This is how a drunkard makes his birthday wish. HAHAH 

Was working at Club Soul with hun and after that we headed to Oracle with the rest. First time trying Singha beer :X I hate the color of the tower. HAHAH.

No idea why they look so fierce, except Ray

Cao Ge. Hahahahaha!

Saw this idiot there and he keeps asking for my photo for his stupid contact profile. HAHAHAH

Lots of fun and programmes this month,
together with hun and my lovely group of awesome people :) This year is going to end a good one and a even better one next year! ♥♥♥♥♥
p/s: People who have my contact, please kindly drop your name to my number. Because all my contacts are gone! And my blackberry died on me, so BBM-ing me won't get to me and now that i'm using iphone you can whatsapp me!

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