Sunday, December 26, 2010

Get Busy with Events and Shoots

As the title much suggests. Was busy with events and shoots. Not all photos are here though. So bear with my messy post here. Heh!
Kick started the week with a product shoot which will be featured on over at Mt. Faber. Halcyon exhibition for 4 days, fighting cold in Suntec Convention Hall with Hannah sweet. We were partners for the whole 4 days, rushing to breaks together, entertaining each other, getting drenched, feeling at our very worst, and stealing bears- okay not steal, we asked the person for it. Hahah.
After 2nd day of work, went Zirca for Lollipop event, and after 3rd day of work, worked for DHL event with Lurvies love love, Venessa, Lynn, Cheryl and a few others. Tired much. Right after the 4 days event, worked again over the weekends for Ora2 toothpaste and toothbrush. Luckily i have love love and Ven there, making work more enjoyable! And i survived one whole week of events.
But then, busy is good. It keeps me occupied. And i love the people around me! You people know who you are <3 xoxo

Have you joined yet?

Ora2 girls at Tiong Bahru Plaza, Jurong Point, Compass Point, Tampines Mall, Ngee Ann City, Ion, Bugis, Causeway Point and TPY.

Love's self claimed tasty green apples.

Did a shoot with Eddy once again at his home studio.
His daughter is a cutie pie!

Eddy forgot about Kattie's make up box. So i did the base on my own.

Merry belated Christmas to everyone! Hope you all enjoyed as much as i did! Christmas post will be up soon. No party, no big bash, just people i love!

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