Monday, December 20, 2010

Kei's Birthday and Other Random Occasions

Birthday celebration with ai after MOB with baby. Brewerkz at late night with Alby and Desmond too. Hope you enjoy yourself ttm ai!

Heart attack? HAHAHAHAH

This tower of beer is freaking nasty. I swear.


Present for the birthday girl!


Daryl and Yuan came at 12am with ai's birthday cake! Upon receiving Daryl's text, i acted like i'm in a hurry and pulled ai out of Rebel. HAHAHAH. She sure was stunned :P

Part 2, met up another day. Had Korean cuisine at Novena. I still prefer Japanese cuisine :P

After our foody, we went for desserts of cos. Udders ice cream! Wine berries and rum rum raisin for me and ai. Rum rum raisin and dark chocolate orange for Alby and Des. Played five ten over alcoholic ice cream, crazily weird friends i have. And probably that's why i love them :) We were very super happy after ice creaming.
Sorry, another cut in entry. Met up with baby couple of times for food, event, casting etc.


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