Monday, November 08, 2010

Cousin Wedding a day before Halloween

Cousin Keegan rang the wedding bells with his beautiful wife on the 30th Oct 2010. Movie on the previous night with Shua til 3am, slept for 3 hours and woke up for the attending of church. Yawns. Peektures of cousins, relatives, whoever's at the wedding. Woken up by ah bu, and she said, actually still have to wait for uncle to come pick us. So, pictures.

Irritating cousin 1

Ma lerrrr :)

Irritating cousin 2

Handsome, cutie ring bearer

When you are in a church with a camera on hand, a handsome boy beside you and a camwhoric you. My all time fav nephew, Nigel.

Nervous smile?

Pretty bride!

Exchanging of rings, vowels. Awww

Tea ceremony time at tea reception. Too many pictures to upload. So i filtered afew.

Sign language team singing 'Still' Naiseeeee

Blessed marriage to their <3

Was so tired, went home for a nap and headed Edison's place to meet the rest and our night of Halloween begins! Next post! :)

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