Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Flea For Jake's Sake and Ippudo

Flea last week with ai and our gangster friends. HAHAHAHHA. They are selling iphone covers!

My ai ai is for sale. HAHAHHAH. This is what happens when pen meets paper and bo liao pple meets boredom.

No sale, so they slash the price!

Bodyless ai. BOO

Retarded. HAHAHHA. Sorry Elson, got to post your funny face.

And our self timer amusement begins :)

Wishing everyone a HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2010! :)

On a random day, Jackson texted for dinner. So met up w baby and him after my casting. Went Ippudo for ramen at Mandarin Gallery! Nice!

I have a thing for chio chandeliers.

Some yoghurt drink.

My ramen! Love the way the fei rou melts in the mouth!

Me and baby's cheesecakey. Not very nice eating just the cheesecake alone, but nice with the raspberry sauce.

Kbox after that and Rochor beancurd for supper! I like to eat tau hway nowadays. Whoops.

XOXO, Rykiel!

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