Sunday, November 14, 2010

Helloooowind 2010 Chronicles of class PFL

Was super tired after cousin's wedding, and it was pouring on halloween i remember. Woke up and prepare before heading over to Edison's to join the rest. Helped the rest to prep their pretty scary make up. Edison did his own make up, so helped out with Harry, Vincent and Randen. I did their make up til i have no time for my own! :(

Stupid Randen doesn't know how to put his lenses. Hahahahah!

Nerd of my class, Yusri

Another dumbo. HAHAHAHAHH

They zilian with my camera

Finally had time to wear up my outfit. HAHAHAh

My students :)

Public transportation is definitely more fun den taking cab!


Randen and Yusri

Harry QQ

Yusri the nerd


Went zouk to meet baby, yuan and bunch. And yuan all left for Power House, baby stayed with me. Zouk was mad packed.

Yuan, look at that evil grin.

Raine baby

Mei mei

Casper おじいさん

Ming and ting ting


Head over to clarke quay cos Zouk was freaking boring! Wanted to go Rebel, the queue killed us. So we went Power House. On the way there, we walked past this couple of pilot and stewardess, I was telling baby how scary they both looked. And suddenly, someone shouted the name, turned ard and the stewardess is JO JOSHUA. HAHAHAHAHA. OMG, laughed til my jaws dropped. Nice one, they both were hooking hands and walking together i tot they were a couple! You got me fooled jo.

Saw Desmond and joined him and Wilson for awhile. Yuyang was working there but i obviously couldn't recognise him like the picture below! Hhahahahaha!

And Halloween ended just like that,

A lot of smoking
A lot of drinking
A lot of singing
A lot of dancing
A lot of freaking
A lot of sinning
Oh what a night! :)

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