Saturday, September 25, 2010

Teo Heng on a Random Night

Flea-ed at NTU with Ho Jin Peng, homed and to Teo Heng with the guys, I still prefer my kbox! Got lost on the way to Teo Heng thanks to erhem, Joshua Ho. Two not very street-smart us walked around Katong area round and round, and we finally found the very ulu place.


Chao Ji Bai

Kia Liang, Beer King, Rocker

He's not even singing when I took this pic. Hahahahaahha!

Okay, time to slim the round face

The boy who loves to inflict hurt on others for his enjoyment :P


Dinner, or rather a late supper and home! Hello! Kbox soon!

Butter on a Wednesday night, random faces, familiar faces, Chivas sucks ttm.

Oh, my itchy hands is back to online shopping !!! Somebody stop me preaseeeeeeeeee.

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