Friday, October 01, 2010

Yacht and Girlfriendsss

Hangover from a Saturday night, slept for 2 hrs and still high on alcohol. Met up with neh neh hun at One Degree Fifteen for a speedboat and yacht trip. Had a awesome bacon sandwich brekkie with her and off we go. Poor neh neh got seasick. I was feeling oozy also playing 5-10 beer with them on the bumpy speedboat. Been eons ago since i was out in the sun for the longest time. But somehow i felt healthy? Hahahahah! Love the way we fly up when the speedboat is gng at it's max. speed!

With Chris

Neh Neh Hun!

Out of speedboat to the yacht. Oh, aircon, you're sucha great invention. Love you. 

Nua-ed on the bed with neh in the cabin room for quite a long time. And went out for abit of yummy brownies and drinks.

Hopped back to the speedboat and headed Azzura for champagne, pizzas and pasta.

Awesome day with the peeps! Headed back to One Degree Fifteen for a shower and met Joshua for dinner at Vivo :D

Girlfriends! You are being missed! Venie, Kei, Yuan, Steph! :( 

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