Friday, June 08, 2012

Shoot At Punggol Park

Munching on my Ritter Sports in Butter Biscuit as I'm doing up this post. Heh. Did a shoot with Anton and his very nice friend, Fang a few weeks ago. Was a super early shoot, luckily I stayed over at bf's. Anton picked me up at Ang Moh Kio, thankfully which was only a few stops away. Managed to pick up MacDonald's for breakfast! Guys really cannot multi-task! Chatted with Anton along the way to pick Fang up and he lost his way, missed some turns because we were chatting, nice. Supposed to do a sunrise shoot, supposed. Reached there slightly after sunrise. It was super warm and that place i tell you, is infested with mosquitoes! I don't know why, but I'm the only one who got the bites among us three. Bitch please. 

Greeted by these pretty view and lalangs

Behind the scenes of shoot 

After the shoot, along the driveway, we met this stray dog along Pasir Ris Farmway. I asked Anton to drive me to the nearest pet market to buy some goodies for this sad looking dog. It's so skinny and my heart wrenched when I saw him, I had to do what I can to help. Got an empty cup from the store person to give the dog some water. Being very fearful of us, he just stared at us from one corner as I emptied the can of food to the ground. He did not come for the food immediately. After 5 mins of persuasion, we decided to leave in hope he would come and eat. Just as we were to drove off, he went to eat the food! Happy me excitedly jumped off the car to open up another can of food for him. Hope some nice animal rescue team in Singapore can save his poor dog.

How not to help when he give this look?

All i could do was to give him some food and water. Not all dogs are lucky afterall.

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