Friday, June 08, 2012

Events Over The Past Few Months

Did InvestFair 2012 at Suntec with my lian hua jie. Non stop laughters, whinings, singings, whenever we work together. We represented the below booth, for an investment with 12% fixed returns in 12 months. WOW! Check out the cute outfits we wore. It's not Dutch, not milkmaid, not maid, German traditional outfit. A 2 days 5 hours each event which killed out feet utterly. Still, it was an awesome event and I hopefully see myself as a potential investor in the future. Hahaha! Did another event for the rad Audi Fashion Festival 2012! But it's for Magnum's new launch, Temptation. Me and kiasu Kyla brought home like 10 boxes over 5 days. Like a winner. It's still in my fridge until now. Saw many superstars. Dick Lee, Nat Ho, Cynthia Koh, Paul Foster and a few to name. Our job is to take photos, pass photos and eat ice-cream during our freetime. Just kidding! Okay, quick one for the most recent event which I did last week with pangsai ElaineYuki, Haagen Dazs. I don't know why she like to hit me, and LOVE to hack my twitter! She is mad. Things i love is that there's unlimited laughters and jokes when the 2 pangsais meet, LOL.  

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