Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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After someone who stole my camera, makeup pouch (yes, it includes all my makeup of cause) and sunglass, I'm left with no pictures to blog. I curse that person that he of she will have a really awesome face from using my used makeup, and takes really nice pictures and of cause enjoy me and love's pictures on our beautiful trip. Krabi's a really pretty place to be at and just relax and not care about a thing. It was a pretty good trip, went to temple, rode on elephant, visited the waterfall, to koh phi phi island and the other beautiful islands, tasted awesome good food, massage, dirt cheap beer and I enjoyed bargaining the most. Hehee! This picture is the only picture left from Krabi. We held this cute baboon which keeps yawning non stop, poor thing! It's a she by the way. She keeps stretching out her arms to let us carry her.

Shall have more trips coming up!
A little bits and pieces of start of 2012 til now. Haven't been a really healthy year for me, but I do hope you readers would be in the pink of health! Been busy working, playing mahjong and stuff. Hehee. Me and BF had our first anniversary this year. That ass had made me laughed, smiled, upset, cried, angry. No relationship is perfect I guess, it's what you want and who you want ultimately, to learn and grow together with. Anyways, he brought me to this Italian Restaurant at Tanjong Pagar and I really enjoyed the foodie. I'm sorry I forgot the name of the place. I had Squidink Risotto and he had steak. My first time trying Risotto after watching Master Chefs and Hell's Kitchen, seems like a must-try! It was good, but kind of got sick of it as it's a little too salty I guess. But it was overall pleasant.

My black ink squid risotto

On a day when he cooks me and mum dinner. Hahahah. All are what his mum cooks at home.

And on a sunny day when he makes me breakfast.

Thank you boyfriend for everything, for the good, sweet, smiles, happiness, fights, nuisance, anger, sadness. Love you!!

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