Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Birthday Post

My birthday was a week ago and i felt so old :( Therefore, I shall not tell you how old am I. Went to Haji Lane with the girls a night before for dinner, and love came to pick me for Lorax with a pretty bouquet of rose :D

My actual birthday, we went Antoinette over at Mandarin Gallery for dinner and had a pleasant present from him - Longchamp bag, he was sweet enough to notice me complaining over my heavy Louis Vuitton. The bag came in handy! Had Marinara Pasta and love had some creamy pasta which he doesn't like. Shared a pot of tea which we both enjoyed, the sweet jasmine aroma, slurps. The dessert we had - Antoinette, came in a ice cream form. The earl grey ice cream which I quite like, but don't fancy the chocolate shavings much as it's too sweet. Probably a place good for tea but not meals.

Those pretty tea sets

Thanks baby for the lovely present, flowers and dinner. A simple birthday as I wanted. And I want to thank all my dear friends, FaceBook people, tweeters and those who smsed, whatsapp to wish me on my birthday :) Blessed to have all of you. Of cause, I really want to thank my dear mum for giving birth to me xx years back, without the pain she went through, there wouldn't be me. xoxo

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