Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Updates for the previous few months ^^

So many things to upload. So many photos in my file. OMG. I don't know where to start with. Tomorrow is my BTT, I have geared myself with all the mandatory signs, hazard signs, traffic rules and the list goes on. Okay, it's been months since my last photo post. Are you ready for it once again? I shall start with the least photos. An event for Lynn. Together with many familiar faces and my partner for that day is sweet Tabitha! We were dressed as sailorettes, for a reason, they're from the shipping company.

Meet Tabitha


Neh neh :P



Lynn Cheryl Me and Ven

Nothing beats after a long day at work and love came to pick me as usual. This time round, with a surprise at the passenger car seat. Sweet or what

Next Event I did a few 2 months back with Amelia, Kaelyn and Lynn at Tanjong Beach Club!
Super fun at this event, we were game masters, and all we do is to set rules, be referees and have lots of fun!


Waiting for Lynn


Some random iPhone wonderful apps pictures ^^v! My post is disorganized. I don't care. It's my blog! Hahah!

Alrighty! Time to hit the snooze button for my test tomorrow. Good luck to myself!
Shall end with a cute photo of my beloved ah ma which my cousin sent me on her graduation day.

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