Wednesday, October 05, 2011

My SGG Journey Part I

This entry is dedicated to all the Top 12 Singtel Grid Girls and whoever that supported us. Hahah.It's been a long journey for the 12 of us.
Firstly, I apologize for all the super slow updates, like when this is all over, then i slowly blog about it. Heh. Anyway, back to track, the twice of us practically had fun, good food, laughter, and eventually bonded over the months that I kinda miss having them now. There are too many photos to update all in a post, so I'll be doing a second post soon, I promise. ^^I'll start of with the our photoshoot session over at Russell's and our first media appearance at Fullerton. Don't say I din't warn you, more than 50 pictures ahead!!We had our first shoot as a SGG, it was super dreadful for some as the shoot starts at 8am! Lucky for me, mine was in the noon. Heh. These photo cards and the above photo were what was taken during the shoot. I enjoyed my individual shoot as well as the group shoot. Balancing on my knee for a good 10 mins was no joke. Phew, we made it through!

The voting card we each have our own to be given to friends, public during our shows. Please don't vote now alright, the competition's over, if you don't know. Hahah.

The cute golden retriever at Russell's home. So lazy and keep drooling.

Din't take much photos that day. Next up is the Media Coverage for us.

Interviews with the various medias who were present.

After our interviews, photo time. From indoor to outdoor, and we're good for the day.

Before the whole event started. Photo taking time!!! Lunch was awesome btw. Hahah. I'm hungry now. Too hungry to take photo of the food that day, it was gobbled up, by me :)

Our host for the whole SGG journey - Paul Foster

Post 2 will be up soon! Lovess

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