Tuesday, March 22, 2011

CNY Backdated Post. Whoops!

Chinese New Year post! Hahahah, super outdated. CNY has always been going to grandma's and food. Abit too late to ask how's your ang bao collection huh? But nevertheless, CNY seems to pass by so quickly. Chilling with friends, partying and family ♥


Cutie Zhi Zhi :)

Chinese New Year Day i forgot which day. At Kai Hong's place for dinner with baby and chang. After that we head to don't know who's place for gambling and off to Power House!

Hi, I'm Ah Da Chang!

Grandma's big 90th birthday!! B and cousin!

The very big Shou Tau cake.

♥ Wishing my cute ah ma the best of health! ♥

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