Monday, March 21, 2011

Backdated Parties and LMFAO at Wavehouse!

January stuff again. I'm 2 months backdated. I know, tyvm. I remembered that day i have a very heavy dinner with 2 loves :)

Headed cineleisure and saw Celestina Tiew Tiew IT.

Zirca with the usual, again :)

Reserved! :) Not by the guy sticking his tongue and the tattoo full arm!

This tikopek did this to the frosted toilet door when i was inside.

LMFAO Party at Wavehouse Sentosa. Met up with Hubby before heading down.

My husband become hot babe. Hahahaha!

Awesome and fun night!
Are you people sick of all the partying photos? Hahaha. Last 4! :P

Lurvies love love. Her signature red lips and maggie mian hair. Hahahaha! Love! Don't angry <3
Super backdated. Apologies friends and readers! xoxo

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