Friday, September 17, 2010

SSBR Media vs LG Roadshow

Sorry for the cobwebs and dusts on my blog. Been busy with work, flea markets and all.

SSBR Media Conference a few weeks? Month? ago. Hahahah. And LG Roadshow at Suntec past two weeks.

LG Roadshow for a whole week at Suntec, worked with Lurbit ♥ on the weekends. Thanks Victor!

Stoning on the LG car for 6 hrs and 45 mins everyday.


Thanks to all these people who made the long days pass by in a blink of the eye

Eunice and Pam

Sorry, I forgot this cutie's name


Erm, I forgot his name too. Whoops!

Tan Ah Pam, aka cheerfulpam. HAHAHAHAHAH. Eh love you la k, peace.

Daryl, who made me fell in love with curry Ipoh Hor Fun

JoSUA, OPEN your eyes when you take photo pls :P 

Joshua and Nicole

Singtel Race Simulator peeps, crazy ride I swear!

K bai, I'll update again soon!

p/s: Halloween is coming soon!

p/p/s: In love with Dynamite and DJ got us falling in ♥

p/p/p/s: I ♥ kbox!

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