Thursday, July 28, 2011

What we do on weekends

No more clubs, drinks, dance, drunk. Weekends like that are no longer common for me. Last few weekends, met up Art, Joey, KaiHong together w the boy for some buffet at Copthorne Hotel. Before meeting the 3 musketeers up, me and b went to make a cake for Art. Supposedly to be his belated birthday cake, don't know how it ended up to be his POP cake. Anyway it was fun to decorate the cake with the one you love. Drove to Copthorne and had a feast over there. Not really a feast though, i love the sashimi there and the bbq food, tried all their desserts and basically everything. It was a FULLfilling meal for all of us. Went to WCP for picnic session with cousin and all after that.

Personally, i don't fancy the desserts in the cups. But i love the tart cake. Friggin awesome!

I realized no photos of myself in this post. Hur! xoxo

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