Friday, May 13, 2011


Dust collecting once again *Coughs. School starts, events, fun, jb trips, batam trip, girlfriends, L4D sessions! My birthday and bbboy's birthday.
Been a month since the Orchard Season Fashion Show at Ion, did anyone caught it? :D It was an awesome experience together with all the other Asian models. Stuff Magazine gadget girl selection. Vote for me on the Facebook page! xoxo.
My birthday pictures up first. Known for pictures delaying girl, apologies to my dear friends. Heh. Celebrated at Moonlight Suite at Moon Hotel. It's a pretty nice hotel. Except the staffs were not of the best they could be, I suppose.

Checked in with geraldgue love and spent the afternoon there. Half of the time filling up the pool. Lol. Had dinner before my friends starts coming in.

4 of which courtesy to Ed, Kai, Joycelyn and Cyndiana :)

And courtesy to them, resulting me to become like this!

Girlfriends FTW! Hearts to all of you!

Kei said they left a lil surprise for me in my cam. And here it is! Awwww!
Tell me how not to love them? :D
Sampat of the sampats, Kei, Yuyan, Steph, Luxuan and Jasmine!

Another 2 awesome girlfriends! Love love Lurvies and Sis Venessa! Hearts both of you! Raine wasn't there though :(

Last clique of friends on that day, Cousin Teng, Arthur, Yuanli, Stephanie, Jingsheng. Rong Bao wasn't there.

Didn't have any pictures with Venie, Shiyun, Kok Long and Belinda ! Ultimate upset :( Was a lil mad that day. So pardon me.
Had an ultimate birthday celebration afterall! Thanks for all the wishes and presents! xoxo!

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