Sunday, January 23, 2011

Random None Party Nights and New Year Celebration

Sorry for the late post on New Year. Hahaha. CNY is coming. Gotten your clothes, shoes, everything new yet? I'm halfway there. CNY is just an excuse for me to buy more clothes! :D Happy girl now.
Now, apart from all partying posts. There are days i don't party okay. Just supper, chilling and L4D! :)

Not suitable for the young

Nicky's spastic face

Truffles <3

Sleep driving!

New Year celebration over at baby cass's place. Teppan at her place and countdown. Went to buy groceries before heading over to her place.
No squeezing in clubs, town, countdown places :)

I rolled them :) ALL of them okay!


Spot the cute mini Martell

And pretty Steph peeled all these!

When alcohol starts to kick in your body, mind and soul. You do crazy stuff. Don't worry I'm not planning to jump or whatever.

Baby you're fireworks! We can see the fireworks from hubby's home!

:) Blasting new year too all. I know it's a little too late. Hahahah.

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