Saturday, November 27, 2010

Random Days Like These

Went for Collagen event for work at Hotel Rendezvous. Was kind of fun mixing the collagen with the drinks. Ended work and went over fusion to find Daryl, he was there with Casper, Ming, Nelson and Junkai. Wanted to sing k but ended up lazy much. Meet my secret sharing partner.

Miss the freaking last bus after happily chatting with Daryl and Junkai after supper. Niceeeeee.

On another occasion, bored at home waiting for Ray the tardy king to be done and went for shisha.

The only pic i took at the place. Chino and Quanman.

Okay, met up with Stephanieashleytan after few million years. Went for dinner, shopping and a lot of catching up ♥♥♥

Polaroid ♥

Shall post on more random days and events and shoots soon! Too many photos i can't even catch up.

おやすみ 皆さん!

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