Monday, November 22, 2010

Jab 1 Night

Neh neh bbmed me on a random Monday afternoon and we met up for dinner as she was superb hungry. I was so late and poor her walked ard cold fep alone. Heh, sorry sis! Shopped for a little before heading cine to meet Edison, Harry, Jensen, Nick and Jeremy. Decided to go Jab1 with them after a cup of Frolicks. Jab 1 wasn't so bad except that a random guy from another table stopped me when i was going to select songs and asked if i'm a waitress there. I stared at him for a moment, gave a huh look, shook my head and walked away. Damn! Thankssssss! And Edison all were happily laughing at me. Nice. I kinda like the sound system over there. Hahahah!

HAHAHAHA, Jensen the cutexzxxzxz and Harry the sotzxzxzxz

Neh neh went back earlier and they were talking jokes and asking me to guess stupid stuff. Ah Qing came over and picked me for supper and home!

What a random day.

:) love my friends

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