Monday, October 18, 2010

Flea Market at Rochester Park 10:10:10

Pledging to save the Earth on 10:10:10, a great Sunday morning. Freaking missed a on-call cab. Fetched ai and ivan before heading to Rochester Park, Kirsh for flea. Such a humid day, luckily we requested to change booth. Cooler and an air conditioned bar beside out booth. I have to admit, was dead tired. Look at my eyebags in the next few photosssss. 

Meet ah qi, my china maria. HAHAHAH

Ai's bai ma wang zi. HAHAHA.

Too bored, and hot. Entertaining myself with my camera. 

Flower gigantic sweet. Anyone wants? (L)

Super hungry, no food. So we ordered Mac's, and the stupid mac doesn't even have ice lemon tea.

LOVE Double Ring! (L)

The wonderful air-conditioned bar beside our booth.

Hot looking singer!

A little gift from organizer, eco-friendly fork-spoon-knife combined into this little clever utensil.

Candies from Sticky!

Jason dropped by to visit and sent me home, thanks ah bear!

Safety not! HAHAHAHAHH

Long and tiring day, dropped dead once i got home!

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