Monday, October 11, 2010

Excerpts of Psychedelic Day not Night Times

Good bye dear long fringe. Be back in 4 months time? (L) Went Twister JP before casting at MBS. Was there at 2.30pm and by the time Kenji finished with my hair, it's alrdy 5.15pm. Extreme horrified by the time because I'm supposed to reach MBS by 5.30pm! And horrified by the unintentional bangs! :( :(

Told him 20 times i want NO straight bangs, and the i ended up with it. Oh so saddening. 'This is the last time you're cutting bangs in your life' - Quoted by Joshua. Ouch! But girlfriends seems to love it. Oh, whatever. Swept it to a side while taking photos, but failed. Changed hair color and tried pulling my fringe everyday.

Met uncle Kenny for dinner at Holland V's Foster after casting and a oh-so-boring meeting with agent Luke. Uncle Kenny brought his new toy Instax to play with. Kinda fun :) 

No idea what the hell he's doing. LOL

Not very awesome Lobster Bisque

Mesmerized by what his Instax could do

Pretty much nowhere to go and went back home! Thanks uncle Kenny for the dinner at this 'Bali' looking place you claimed. Hahahahah!

Updatexzxxzx soon! On Rochester flea w ai!

p/s: Sort of addicted to twitter recently :)

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