Monday, October 25, 2010

Baccarat Tournament work at Marina Bay Sands

Clinched the job for MBS! Together with neh neh hun, baby, Veriza and Mandy :) It's a 5 days job at the casino for their Baccarat Tournament. Worked for 4 days w baby and weekends w neh neh hun. First day only me and baby working. Had fun! Our mouth abit sway though, inside joke* Hur hur. Daryl was there to bring us in. After work met Daryl at Coffee Bean for a drink, and me and babe went Makansutra for our supper, super duper hungry, yet the stupid food was so uneatable. We chatted til 2am before we decided to get our ass back home.

Second day of work w baby again, this time with our costumes. Queen of hearts and Queen of cash? LOL. We totally din't sleep after first day work and it just happened coincidentally. So we met up at 11am and went to get our nails done and shopped around until it's time for us to go to work.  

You want them? :)

Baby's heels, swapped with her for awhile because she complaint her heels was killing her. And there she goes, happily wearing my comfy heels.

MBS Baccarat Poker Card Decks Tower :)

Us about to die, but we went to Power House for an event anyways. Picked neh neh hun on the way. 

When a white bunneh and two black meows meet.

The two of them left at 2 plus am and I hanged around with Edison, Charles and friends. Went for supper with Joshua, George, Gary and friends after that.

Last two days of work! Photos grabbed from Veriza :)

Free dinner buffet at MBS! Erm, please don't get shocked by the amount we ate. Btw, the pictures are just my share :P

Jackson gave each of us a box of macarons on the last day of work. Thanks! :)

Whew, a super long post! Love to be busy! Ciao!

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